Axel Joost My Speedo

Art no.: 91-7976
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This speedo module with touchscreen could be loaded with your own pics and designs and you get an individual look at your bike. An own pic appear for 3 seconds at the display when you switch on the ignition. The control unit is connected with 4 cables to the lcd module.

The lcd is a Nextion 2,4" touchscreen. The setup with your own pics is easy like a normal picture editor. You should be able to implement your own pics on the display after 2 - 3 hours reading and playing with the display editor. Just feel free to follow the next 7 steps:1. Download and install the Nextion Editor from the website 2. Just feel free to download and use the sample 1 or sample 2 as start file for your own design. 3. Please us the id´s and names what are indicated in this table. These id´s are used in the controller unit.4. You´ll need to have a micro sd card with minimum 1 GB memory (Ebay, 1,-) and to format it in FAT32 format.5. Edit your own jpg pics with any kind of picture editor software. Pls. take care that the pics will fit within the maximum lcd size what is 320 x 240 pixel. Load your pics in the Nextion editor and put it to the required position. Please take care that your pics have the same ID number like in the sample software below.6. Compile the software and copy it on the sd card. 7. Put the sd card in the slot of the lcd and power up the speedo with 12 Volt. Wait until the lcd have successfully load the software. Remove the sd card.That´s it. Now you have your own personal speedo

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